Sunday, October 21, 2012

GRL 2012

GayRomLit has been such an amazing experience. I have loved every minute that I have had to spend with authors, readers, and the wonderful people that run the publishing houses. I can't express my gratitude for those that have made this possible, the new friends that I have met, and the readers that have shown me such love and adoration.

B and I will be flying out tomorrow and we have had an excellent time here. I got to play Roulette for the first time today. Granted I lost all the money I had won in the slots, but I have had a good time nonetheless. I will be excited to see Jack again, my baby kitty that is about four months old. I am sure that he has missed me quite a bit.

I have so many new ideas and new concepts for writing. I've reworked my writing calendar and man is it packed! If I stay on track, I will have eight new submissions sent by the end of Nov. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do it!