Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colors of The Rainbow Blog Hop

Welcome everyone to my little corner of the internet and thanks for stopping by.

For the blog hop I'd like to share a little information about my upcoming release with SirenBookstrand on July 24th of 2013.

Haunting Memories

Sivney ForsĂ idh is a vampire with a sordid past and a nihilist outlook on life. He's lost everything in life he loved-- his mate included. As one of the main forces of paranormal investigation in Rome, he has a full plate that rarely gives him time to think about anything outside of work. He's spent one too many years alone, and has trouble seeing a life that revolves around anything other than solitude.

Kyrien has lived his entire life in his deceased uncle’s shadow. He struggles constantly with the knowledge he was made into a vampire solely to be Sivney's lover. When he opens a popular nightclub named Calamity, he focuses on little else. He resigns himself to eventually being revealed to his mate—or not, as the years that pass come to show.

A rash of crime breaks out across the holy city and brings the duo ever closer. They decide to try and soothe their scarred wounds with one another. The bodies start to pile up and the ghosts of the past show their faces and threaten to rip their fragile love apart. These two must fight to stay together, and keep their newfound life from falling apart.