Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jess Buffett!

Let's all give a warm welcome to Jess Buffett who's with us to share a little about her latest release Dmitri's Little Spitfire.

Meet Elijah Collins

Name: Elijah Collins

DOB: April 3rd

Height: 5”4

Eye Color: Iridescent

Species: Unknown

Rank: N/A

Elijah has been under the control of Potestas for as long as he can remember. Before that he was a child in the foster care system, with no family and no friends. His smaller stature left him a target for bullies, and it was only the friendship of Sawyer and Riley McLeod that gave him hope. He wants to believe that he can have his happily ever after, but doesn’t think he deserves it anymore. And he has a secret, one that not even he has all the answers for.


Food: Chicken Caesar Salad

Color: Violet

Movie: Fast and the Furious

Song: Rebirthing by Skillet 

TV Show: True Blood

Dmitri’s Little Spitfire [Hunter Clan 3]

Elijah Collins is ashamed. Used to hurt his friends by Potestas, he now finds it hard to even look someone in the face. Especially Dmitri, his mate. When a truth about Elijah is discovered, Potestas also find out. Now that they know his true worth, he becomes an even bigger target than before.

Dimitri Kalas has always prided himself on being calm and in control. It is his job to help protect his Clan, and most importantly his mate. But when he finds out that the people responsible for hurting his Kayan’s mate have also been abusing his mate, he becomes incensed.

Will Dimitri be able to convince his mate that he is worth love and forgiveness? Or will Elijah allow his guilt to consume him and turn himself over to the enemy in order to keep his friends safe?