Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stacy Juba!

Welcome Stacy Juba! We're so excited to hear about your new book. Tell us more about it!

Sink or Swim

A fun beach read endorsed by contestants from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race. Ambitious personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on Sink or Swim, a hit reality show. Not only does she lose and have to walk the plank, but after the game show ends, the terror begins. Upon returning home, Cassidy discovers she has attracted a stalker masterminding his own twisted game. She struggles to focus on her health club job and celebrity endorsement opportunities, but her stalker has other plans. As her former competitors get knocked off one-by-one, Cassidy refuses to play by the stalker's bizarre rules. She's also being shadowed by hunky photographer Zach Gallagher, who has been assigned to capture her personal moments for a spread in the local newspaper. She wants to trust Zach, but fears he may not be what he seems. When the stalker forces a showdown, Cassidy must once again walk the plank...this time for her life.

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Cassidy sat poised in her chair as former contestants filed onto the soundstage at WBC in New York. Together, the studio audience and television viewers had watched the recorded footage of her walking the plank. Gabriel would now interview the competitors from the inaugural season one final time.

More importantly, he would announce her prize. If it erased most of her debts, then it would at least make this whole embarrassing experience worthwhile. Cassidy’s heart kicked in her chest and sweat moistened her brow.

As one of her old teammates entered, her heart rate skyrocketed for a different reason. Josh Sanchioni slid into a bucket seat, carrying himself stiffer than normal in his sharp gray suit. Studio lights caught his sunbleached strawberry blonde waves, brightening the reddish gold tints.

Cassidy slipped her gaze to his leather shoes. If Josh hadn’t been engaged, they could have been an item. Instead, they’d been good friends until that one evening when the cameras were off and they almost kissed. They’d both realized their mistake and backed away. Things were strained until Josh walked the plank a week later.

Tonight, not only did Cassidy have to face Josh, she would probably meet his fiancée.

Her cheeks heating, Cassidy focused on the competitor beside Josh as a distraction. Adam Horton sat erect, hands folded in the lap of his olive green khakis. He wasn’t military, but he dressed like an Army wannabe. His reptilian eyes drilled into Cassidy, his angular face revealing the shape of bones underneath. A blond goatee darkened his pointy chin.

Cassidy shuddered involuntarily. Adam never said much, but he made her uncomfortable just the same.

Fun Facts About the Fictional TV Show Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim, nicknamed SOS, is one of the hottest shows on TV. In the book, we meet the contestants as the show is ending and they are returning to their normal lives. But their lives will be forever impacted by their stint on Sink or Swim...and not in a good way.

The Premise: Under the show’s setup, 12 contestants assisted as crew members aboard a Tall Ship and competed in four teams. The “real” crew awarded points to the teams based on skill and neatness with team members pooling their numbers to win privileges like movie nights, dinners in the officers’ mess, or a special event such as a luau. Jobs included furling and unfurling sails, scrubbing toilets, chipping paint off bulkheads, and serving food. Low-scoring teams completed embarrassing tasks such as doing the hula as their competitors’ entertainment. Once a week, a contestant walked the plank and left the show.

Who's Who in the Cast
Here are the most important personalities from the show in terms of what happens once the cameras are turned off.

Cassidy Novak
She’s a personal trainer who wants to launch her own chain of fitness centers and help people to lead healthier lifestyles, but due to her college loans, her only immediate chance at becoming an entrepreneur was winning a million dollars on Sink or Swim...which didn't happen. 

Josh Sanchioni
Josh and Cassidy shared a few special moments aboard the ship. His mission is speaking out about domestic violence. Unfortunately, Josh is engaged.

Gabriel Collins
He left the soap opera world 15 years ago and hopes hosting Sink or Swim will be his big comeback.

Adam Horton
He dresses in military fatigues and has a weird way of looking at Cassidy.

Reggie Elliott
A New Jersey bred ladies man who wants to use his fame to pursue an acting career…if he lives long enough to move to Hollywood. 

Felicia Fowler
Daughter of a famous movie director, Felicia has a bad attitude and decided that she doesn't like Cassidy. 

Six normal people who were thrust into the spotlight. Only four will survive.

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